Friday, March 27, 2009


Don't even say that you "don't know what I'm talking about."


Oh, and if you read the comments on Mama Milton's blog,
I said something called "Blogger Tongue"

If you want to do this, it shows that you are going to get back at the person you are talking to.

(ps, I don't need therapy) Bye, lu-lu


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Don't count therapy out yet, dear one. :)

And you weren't REALLY naked on my blog, for the record.

I'm so ashamed...

Lori said...

Don't you have guests over right now - go entertain little Lu-Lu and get off the computer. You are only 10, you know (for a couple more days!). :)

Lu-lu said...

For the record, I only post when I have a purpose.

I want to post a pic of Courtney, I will learn.

Lu-lu said...

Oh, and I posted this BEFORE guests were here.

I'm not that rude, you know.