Thursday, April 2, 2009

Courtney this, Courtney that

Our family is trying to find out a middle name for our French Bulldog, Courtney.

My brother says it should be Courtney Rose.
My mom says it's a cute name.

I say it should be Courtney Chrysanthemum.
My dad thinks it should be Courtney Lou.

Please post your Favorite Name in the comments.

See ya later!
Lu Lu


blue.bubble.blogger said...

I like Courtney Lou

Stephanie Breuner said...

Courtney Chrysanthemum Delphinium Milton. (had to add my own addition).

Aunt Lori said...

Wow - they are all good choices! I don't know which one to vote for though. Sorry I'm no help!

Fantastic Forrest said...
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Fantastic Forrest said...

I like Courtney Chrysanthemum! But that's a lot of syllables to wrap your mouth around every time you call her or mention her name. Maybe C.C. for short?

Have you read the book Chrysanthemum? It's about a little girl who's unhappy with her least in the beginning.

Lu-lu said...

Hi blue bubble blogger!!!


Princess Blogsalot said...

I think courtney lou is good cause it's short and easier to say.

Princess Blogsalot said...